Cummins Filtration (Fleetguard)

Fleetguard (Cummins Filtration) is the world leading manufacturer of filters, exhaust systems, coolants and additives for diesel and gas engines. As a member of Cummins Inc. Group, Fleetguard offers more than 12.000 products. With our integrated application system, You are able to get all the filters for Your engine at one place. Fleetguard advanced manufacturing technology significantly extend machine life, and reduce service costs at the same time. Continuous development ensures highest quality with the best prices.


Filtration Products

Fleetguard (Cummins Filtration) offers a wide range of cleaning products for all media, as well as chemical compounds and additives for cooling systems. Covering the needs of bus, trucks, construction, industrial, generator, marine and agriculture needs with more than 6.000 products, Fleetguard is the worlds leading filter manufacturer.

Over 500 worlds manufacturers use Fleetguard filters:

Atlas Copco, Barko, Bluebird, Bomag, Caterpillar, Chrysler Coorporation, Clark Equipment, Cummins Engine Company, DAF, Fiat, Ford Motor Company, Ford Truck, General Motors, Hitachi, Hyundai, Isuzu, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, O&K Trojan, Onan, OshKosh, Renault, Scania, Valmet Logging, VME, Volvo, ZF among many others.

Basic Fleetguard filter groups:

  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters / Fuel – Water Separators
  • Coolant Filters / Additives
  • Hydraulic Filters


Air Filters


Air is an important factor in the combustion process of diesel engines. An average heavy duty engine uses 13.000 – 20.000 liters of air for combustion of only one liter of fuel.

Smoke, dust, and other impurities contained in the sucked air can lead to engine vital components failure.

Fleetguard manufacturing facilities around the world produce air filters, housings and air inlet components for more than 200 manufacturers.



Oil Filters

To reduce wear and tear on the engine, Fleetguard has developed a number of innovations in oil filtration throughout the history. From 1959. the filtration core has developed from a wire grid over cellulose and fiberglass, to Stratapore filters nowadays, 5-layers synthetic medium with continuous fibers made of a mixture of polyester and adhesive polymers. This type of filter offers unprecedented efficiency and capacity. Fleetguard has also developed Combo Venturi filters – combination of two filters in one. In this type of filter, the oil flow is both radial and axial, which reduces wear from 73 - 91%.



Fuel Filters / Fuel – Water Separators


The main function of the fuel filter is the removal of dirt and water from the fuel, thus securing a sufficient quantity of fuel, and reducing wear and damage of engine parts.

As is the case with oil filters, Fleetguard is one step ahead of market needs in this case also.

Fleetguard has developed a number of award winning innovations in its eight development centers around the world. As clean fuel is essential for high pressure electronic engines, with injectors being very fragile on fuel impurities, Fleetguard uses Stratapore technology to cover the needs.



Coolant Filters / Additives

Estimates project that over 40% of total engine repair costs are related to problems that originate in the cooling system. Repairs are costly and create unnecessary downtime that affects equipment operations and customer deadlines. Fleetguard cooling system products provide unmatched protection with an easy maintenance program so that you can keep your engines running longer and stronger.

A research on 11.000 engines has shown that engines with coolant filter have 2/3 less malfunctions than those that don’t

Fleetguard has completely changed the filter industry and maintenance with its innovations in this area, offering DCA4 additives which significantly increase protection from corrosion and cavitation. Coolant filters from Fleetguars also have DCA4 embedded inside. With correct maintenance of cooling media, engine lifetime and maintenance intervals can be significantly prolonged.



Hydraulic Filters

Our commitment to technology helps keep you going. We offer an extensive line of hydraulic filtration products for medium and low-duty applications. We also offer a comprehensive replacement hydraulic filter line for many competitive filter part numbers.

Through the right choice of filter media, our Cummins Filtration brand hydraulic filtration products achieve higher efficiency and dust capacity with lower pressure-drop characteristics than the competition. This prolongs component life, which saves you money in the long run.

The proper oil-cleanliness level for critical clearances on components in the hydraulic fluid stream is the key. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to perform multi-pass, pressure-drop, flow-fatigue and hydrostatic burst testing.

Fleetguard manufactures more than 500 elements of hydraulic systems which comply with the most rigorous demands of worldwide manufacturers.